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Lean Lionturtles Poster by Jagna-Q7
Lean Lionturtles Poster
Early Christmas present for me and xTamsinx :D

Our characters slash self inserts into the Avatar Korra universe; Jeng (me, the redhead Earthbender), Cami (the Waterbender in blue) and Torin (our Firebender...who does not exist. We made him up =P)

I had a lot of fun with this, especially the poses. Curse facial expressions for being so hard to get right. But I loved doing to bending :D

I left out the visors because I actually wanted to draw these characters in is universe with their proper colours, not with a tinted visor in front of them. I think it looks alright.

Avatar (c) Nickelodeon
Jeng, Cami and Torin

P.S. Torin got a name change from Tor, for two reasons: 1- Cami thought it sounded too much like Thor and 2- I have a student in Year 8 called Tor this year...he's a twit.
Bigger on the inside, much? by Jagna-Q7
Bigger on the inside, much?
I hope :iconchill13: doesn't mind, but this idea has been floating in my head for a while, and I just had to draw it!

The two colourful characters on the left are her original creations for her sci-fi series, Hi Ho Hyperdrive!, in which Rover (the captain) has a cyborg arm which harbours "bigger on the inside" technology. I just had this vision of him running into the Doctor and they exchange quirks and maybe show off to each other. Flyspur (the awesome little blue alien to the left, without question my favourite original character ever) can't help but notice the TARDIS, or rather what's inside it :XD:

Please be nice, this is the first time I've drawn Rover, and David Tennant, my favourite Doctor. Those of you who don't know, I don't like drawing humans. They are soooo difficult, especially drawing real life humans that are famous and recognisable. Apart from his 3D glasses, I hope he looks vaguely like him.

Rover was a lot of fun to draw. It was hard drawing his face though, I wanted to make sure I got it right. Thank goodness for the undo button!! Oh, and Flyspur is always fun to draw. I always enjoy his hair and tail :D

I'll give a free sketch to anyone who can figure out what is on Rover's cyborg arm accessory. Believe it or not, that's what took the longest; deciding what attachment it should be! :XD:

Doctor Who (C) BBC
Hi Ho Hyperdrive! (C) :iconchill13:

Saving Face by Jagna-Q7
Saving Face
Look, another faceless Jag picture!

Playing with shading options on my iPad. I quite like it :D

EDIT: P.S. I only uploaded this a few minutes ago, and I swear to god, the pun in the title was not intentional!!! But slightly hilarious :XD:
Out To Dry by Jagna-Q7
Out To Dry
A three month old sketch that was supposed to amount to something cool looking that I will probably never finish, but I though I'd share it with you anyway. It gave me an excuse to practice, no I lie, DESIGN the back of Jaggid's head.

The story behind it is she's been captured and is been "persuaded" to part with sensitive information (during the war), and is being suspended from some energy binds from the ceiling by her upper arms. I can imagine this would be rather painful, but she's just biding her time...unconsciously. Ahem.

This sketch also allowed me to cement her full body design. Until I drew this months ago she didn't really have legs, per say.

Man, I've been drawing Jag without a face for a while now...I wonder if that means anything...
Contemplation by Jagna-Q7
Just an hour or two....or four, I dunno, sketch of Greyback. It was mostly to get some practice on pose and perspective, but mostly out of the overwhelming desire not to do any work. Day off, dammit!

Sunufabich, I hate drawing such a low angle face perspective. It just looks off. Oh Greyback, need to draw you more, baby.

Don't ask what's happening. He wouldn't tell you if you did ;p


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I frequently get my geek on to Transformers. Don't be a stranger, I don't bite ;) Good day, Jag out.

OH MY GOD THIS GAME. This thing actually guessed Cheetor! I didn't
t think it would, but it did! Sure it takes a lot more than 20 questions, but who cares?! I'm going to try a more obscure character...maybe someone from Buck O'Hare. Which, by the way, I didn't discover until recently starred our beloved Scott McNeil :D

See ya!
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